Monday, 30 December 2013



Hey everyone, how have you been? I have missed all my readers and my blog itself, my old laptop broke down and i have recently purchased a new one so now i am back to carry on blogging through life. I have many christmas sales items to post and general clothing which will be posted later next week so keep reading.

Thursday, 21 November 2013





Well last Saturday i went to a vintage kilo sale in Leeds and picked up these three really beautiful retro items which came to a total of £15, there were so many nice items i really could have bought everything. 

Anyway i came across the dark green jacket and wondered it if it would suite my style, i tried it on and found that it suite perfectly and then added it too my basket. I then came across the velvet navy blue shirt which i automatically added to my basket without question due to how nice it looked. My final item i added to my basket was a vintage blazer which i thought would look smart with a plain shirt and jeans so i added it too my basket hoping i would wear it on some formal occasion. 

am getting really excited for Christmas and mainly the shopping i will take part in after Christmas, i plan to full my wardrobe up even more and purchase plenty more pairs of shoes. What is everyone else getting for Christmas?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013



As you may have discovered recently i have been using a new camera filter called 'Dusk'. I really love it as it adds a really nice vintage crisp on almost any photo, after using this filter i decided on putting together my own 'Dusk' outfit. 

My jumper is from Primark (£7.00) and is really comfy, i wear it so much when i around in the house. My jeans were given to me by my uncle, they are Henri Lloyd although they are rather big for me so i just rolled them and wear them as shorts although i doubt i will be leaving the house often in them (they're worth about £100.00). 

I've had fun creating a 'Dusk' outfit today but what other themes can i base my outfits on? Please comment your ideas below?

Saturday, 9 November 2013



today i found this jumper in my wardrobe and wanted to put together a soft, grey, pale outfit and matched it with my grey Jeans which i bought from Primark for £15.00. My nature jumper was also from Primark (£7.00). However my cream Harrington is a very eccentric piece of my collection and was give to me from my step-dad after he had wore it in the 80's. The Harrington is from Burberry and is worth £900.00

Wednesday, 6 November 2013



Well today i put together an outfit based on the colours blue and orange, this outfit included a Ben Sherman shirt in which i picked up off a car boot for £2.00. My blue jeans which were rather expensive at £30.00 from River Island but i thought they would compliment well with every item of clothing i had. I also mixed my blue clothing with my orange and selected a top which i bleached myself (£0.95). Should i do a blog entry tutorial on how to bleach clothing?

Saturday, 2 November 2013



I woke up this morning to the sound of rain charging at my window and was incredibly happy as i knew i could wear my 'rainy day' outfit, which consists of my burgundy jumper (£4.00) which i bleached myself and my Nike jacket which i picked up reasonably cheap (£15.00) at a vintage store in Leeds.

How did i bleach my jumper?
I just simply filled up an old squirty bottle with bleach and squirted it all over the jumper. I literally covered the entire jumper and thought i would have ruined it, but in the end it came out really nice almost like it had been acid washed.

Friday, 1 November 2013



Today i have decided to post a blog entry listing my most favorite pairs of socks, i have a strange of obsession with socks and if i see a really snazzy pair i have to purchase them straight away. So here goes:

No.7 - my hamburger socks which i picked up in a pack of 3 for £2.50

No.6 - my odd Christmas socks i never returned to my girlfriend

No.5 - my cool giraffe socks which i paid £4.00 for at Topman

No.4 -  my doughnut socks which came with the hamburger ones from Primark (£2.50)

No.3 -  my 3rd favorite pair are my pizza socks, also from Topman for £4.00

No.2 - my odd moon and stars socks are my 2nd favorite just because of their odd combination that works well together. These were also from Topman for £4.00

No.1 - my most favorite pair of socks are my most recent purchase, my Dracula socks which were on sale for £0.50 at Primark